Charge Converter

Free online charge converter - converts between 17 units of charge, including coulomb [C], megacoulomb [MC], kilocoulomb [kC], millicoulomb [mC], etc.

Electric Charge Unit Conversion Table

Conversion Table: Electrical Charge
Unit Name Relation to coulomb [C]
abcoulomb [abC] 10 [C]
ampere hour [A hr] 3600 [C]
milliampere hour 3.6 [C]
kiloampere hour 3.6E+6 [C]
megaampere hour 3.6E+9 [C]
ampere minute [A min] 60 [C]
milliampere minute 0.06 [C]
kiloampere minute 6E+4 [C]
megaampere minute 6E+7 [C]
ampere second [A s] 1 [C]
ampere millisecond 0.001 [C]
milliampere millisecond 1E-6 [C]
milliampere second 0.001 [C]
kiloampere millisecond 1 [C]
kiloampere second 1000 [C]
megaampere millisecond 1000 [C]
megaampere second 1E+6 [C]
coulomb [C] 1 [C]
millicoulomb 0.001 [C]
kilocoulomb 1000 [C]
megacoulomb 1E+6 [C]
electrostatic unit of charge [esu] 3.33564E-10 [C]
Elementary Charge 1.602176E-19 [C]
EMU of charge 10 [C]
ESU of charge 3.33564E-10 [C]
franklin [Fr] 3.33564E-10 [C]
statcoulomb [statC] 3.33564E-10 [C]
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