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Generate URL slugs easily using our Free Text to Slug Converter Tool. This tool is 100% free to use and requires no account or registration.

What is a URL slug?

A URL slug is a part that comes at the very end of a URL and is the exact address of a specific page on your website. For example - in https://myvipwebtools.com/text-slug URL, "text-slug" is a slug. Composing a short but descriptive slug for a URL of the web page can positively affect your page's SEO.

Why Is a Slug Important for SEO?

As you can see from the example above, a slug can be very powerful for keyword SEO. If a user were to search Google for “what is a slug,” the keywords in the URL structure of your content helps signal to Google that your content should be included on the SERP. A good slug can improve a user’s experience if it clearly states what the webpage is about. 

Sometimes you may see a webpage URL with a chain of characters, letters, or numbers. These slugs can be confusing to users, and they may hesitate before clicking. Those kinds of slugs don’t look very trustworthy.

A good URL slug also helps the Google crawl bots understand how to get to your page and confirms the content on it.

Are Web Slugs Important for Search Engine Ranking?

The short answer is yes.

Using SEO keywords in your URL can help you rank for your target keywords. Google uses the URL as a factor in ranking your page, so if the URL slug includes your keywords, then Google will be more likely to rank it.

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