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VTT to SRT Converter: Convert Subtitle file online for free. You can convert your VTT subtitles files into SRT, quickly and easily. Upload your .vtt file and save it as SRT. 

Is VTT the same as SRT?

VTT is a popular subtitle and caption file format. WebVTT was created in 2010 by the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) to support text tracks in HTML5. WebVTT was broadly based on the SupRip format, another popular caption format, and was even called WebSRT with the same

VTT is similar to the SRT format, except that it accommodates text formatting, positioning, and rendering options (pop-up, roll-on, paint-on, etc.). It has quickly gained popularity because it is the caption format of choice for HTML5 text track rendering.
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